Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is to come...

One week from tomorrow will be my last day at Sean Busher Photography. It has been a crazy summer, full of challenges and good times. Boy am I glad to be coming home, though! If you know me, you know I am a full blown extrovert who craves the company of friends and family - so this summer being away from all of them has been extremely challenging.

So yeah, I'm coming home! What is next for me? I have no idea. I am looking into getting my stuff together to create a website, biz cards, and starting up a freelance company. I am hoping to immerse myself in photography, design, web and anything else in my "free" time at home and build up a really creative, interesting body of work. I guess my blog will become more of a "what I'm working on" versus "what I'm doing" thing - which will probably be more entertaining anyway!!

That's all for now. As I figure out more for myself, I will blog about it - blogging seems to help clear things up in my head, which is definitely necessary for this girl!! Keep watchin out for the next (err...first?) big thing from RHolt :)