Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here's part 1, scroll down for part 2 :)

So here I am at the end of my first full week as an intern at Sean Busher Photography. Angi (my immediate boss) and I came up with my official title today and I believe as of right now I am considered "The Apprentice" but we're working on making it more exciting. THey all have fun titles--I'll try to remember to post them later. I have lots of pictures to show!!! Here goes:
PhotobucketThis is the entrance to my apartment complex. I get to use a little remote to open the gates and everything! Fun fun!

This is the view from where I park, I'm up on the third floor... yea that's a lot of steps!

Here's the view of my apartment from the front door. CHeck out Crackers eating in front of the fire place... now that's LIVIN!! Haha Big windows, very very nice, bright, and uplifting.
Not much to explain here, except that the stool you see is the only place to sit in the kitchen/dining area. Hey, when you live alone, who needs a table and chairs?? You can see the island is already becoming my "catch all" collecting place.

PhotobucketThis is the view from my balcony (yep I've got a balcony!) There are 2 tennis courts, and if you look closely, a pool! Yippee, I can get tan this summer!
PhotobucketThis is the bus station where... sadly... Eric left from. We said our goodbyes in the rain (much like a movie) and now I get to walk by the station and think of him twice a day. This station is about half a block from where I work. Eventually I'll take some pics of the place I work.

Here's us at the station, saying our goodbyes. Sigh... PS don't I look tan!?!?

Here's a view of downtown Charlotte from my walk back to the station. The building third from the left is my favorite. I love the way it is shaped, seems unstable to get smaller at the bottom, but that's what makes it so cool. 

Ok check out the next post for more pics! 

Friday, May 16, 2008

this is part 2

This is the sketchy building I walk by on my way to and from work. This stretch is the only part of the walk that ever makes me nervous. The building used to say Virginia Paper Company but now all the windows are busted out and there's glass everywhere. Prettttty weird.PhotobucketSorry it's sideways (photobucket is giving me issues tonight and I lost patience!) This is pretty cool though. This is again on my walk between the train station and work. The cool part though you'll see in the next picture.
PhotobucketThis billboard is actually work done by the company I work for! Pretty exciting! They have a whole series of them around the city--it's one gigantic panoramic-style picture of all the different kinds of life in Charlotte. Check it out on under their images section. 
Photobuckethehe, this picture is for Mom. Made me think of Doug and all of the jokes he makes about Nascar being Mom's favorite 'sport.' Ahh church jokes, love em. 
PhotobucketSo here's where I get on to get home ( and off to get to work!) This is one of three uptown (which is the same as downtown just called uptown because Charlotte is on a hill...or so I've heard) stops on the light rail. 
Nifty ticket thingy. I use my card everyday to buy a 1.30 ticket. Gasp. Don't yell at me, but I never have change!!! 

This is what a light rail train looks like! Unfortunately this one was going the wrong direction and I had another 10 minutes to wait for mine. Sigh.
Photobucket Here's a look at the station where I get on the rail in the mornings. There's a parking garage behind me that gets full around 8:45 each morning so I have to be an early early bird. 
Aaaaaand here's how I spend most of my driving time. In traffic! Charlotte traffic is horrific! The one time I drove home from downtown it took me an hour and 20 minutes. YUCK! I love the light rail because I get to read instead of yell at drivers!!! Plus, I'm helping the environment. Gotta love that. That's all for now, hope I didn't bore you!!

Missin Toledo...kinda. Missing my friends & fam a WHOLE lot!
with love,

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting acclimated...

This is going to be short because I am soooo hungry and my stomach is mad at me for waiting this long. First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Second, this is my 7th day in Charlotte and I'm definitely starting to get the hang of things. I had my first day at work on Friday--it went spectacularly. (word?)

Here's the cliff notes-- I work with 3 people day to day. Names: Angi (my immediate boss), Sean (my boss's boss/still my boss/the owner of the company), and Peter (the photoshop wizard.) All are young, fun, and married. Don't know why I throw that in there, but it makes a difference in my mind. I'm going to be learning a lot of the business/accounting side of the business which is exciting because they don't teach you that in school! Also, I might do some travelling!!! More news about that later, but I might be popping up in Chicago, LA, and Miami later this summer! 

Eric and I have been checking out the area for fun places to go/shop/eat. On friday, we went to Carolina Rib House. It was good, nothing to write home about--but I guess I am writing home about it. We also found a tiny theater and saw What Happens In Vegas. We both thought it was pretty funny (although Mom told me it got really bad reviews.) Then last night we saw the Mudhens play the Charlotte Knights. It was a double header but we didn't even stay through the first game. The sun was pounding down on us and we had already gotten quite a bit of sun earlier that day by laying out at the pool! Anyway, when we left, the Mudhens were getting their butts kicked. Sad. After that, we checked out another restaurant called Wize Guys which is a brick oven pizza/bar type place. Very good (and good as leftovers too!)

So that's it so far. Today we're gonna find a borders and a goodwill. I'll keep you all updated as more exciting things happen to me! :)

Love, Rach