Friday, July 31, 2009


1. We did organize, clean, and re-arrange my room. It's now a joy to spend time in here (instead of a stress!)

2. We had a wonderful dinner with Mom on her birthday. It was an excellent evening. We made spitfire shrimp with whole wheat fettucine noodles.

3. I did not make it to the gym 4 times. I'm ashamed. Next week, I swearrrr!

4. I didn't make too many lists. Phew.

5. What else was I supposed to do?

6. Oh yea, passport.. Didn't happen.

7. Also did not blog. Sigh. What is wrong with me?

Our studio manager at work, Lauren, had her baby on Thursday and everything just happened so fast! She had a beautiful baby girl and we are so excited to see more photos and get a visit sometime :)

So these next few weeks are going to be really crazy for me. Bear with me.

Love him.


I'm a lucky girl.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm alive...

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've blogged.

I'm really concerned about this. It was such a great outlet for me and got me thinking creatively every day. Now I'm... sort of burned out again. My head is a jumble, and life won't let me catch up for a breather.

Since I've started this post, for example, I've gotten up 3 times to try to straighten up my room - only to get overwhelmed and sit back down.

Did I ever mention that I am a list maker? My head isn't straight until I have a list to sort it all out.

So here's my list for this week:

1. REALLY clean my room. Organize, de-clutter, put things back where they need to be. (Eric, I need your help with this one!)
2. Try to revive my love of photo-blogging.
3. Find the paperwork necessary to finally get a passport.
4. Get to the gym at least 4 times!
5. Celebrate Ma's birthday & cook her dinner (Will need your help here too, love)
6. Try not to make too many lists.....


Get my life in order!!! Ahhh!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Casper "Chester" Ade (Holt)


If this is what I get every time I have a bad day... you'll have to call animal control on me. Hehe, thanks to the boy for this little addition to our family! Roxy's surgery went well, btw. She woke up from the anesthesia and just needs to be kept for 2 more days. She'll meet her newest little brother on Thursday!

Good Morning...


I couldn't resist one more photo from the weekend. This is one of my favorites. I'm off to drive Rox to her surgery appointment. Wish her the best! I love my puppy...

Monday, July 13, 2009

My dear friend Carley got married


So I spent the majority of Saturday and ALL of Sunday at this 1.5 million dollar home on the waterfront of Lake Michigan.


Carley and Stefan decided to wed in this lakefront home full of their family and closest friends, lots and lots of food, plenty of beer to go around, and the best cake I've ever tasted.


Ahh seriously, look at his face. Could he be any more in love? Sickeningly sweet, and I can't wait to see what Eric's face looks like during our ceremony! Scared? Ha. I hope not!! I would be silly not to mention the stairs...

Oh the stairs.


Halfway down the stairs, looking back up at about 120 steps? Killer, steep, pulse pounding, exercise inducing steps.


And looking down from the halfway point, another 120ish steps. But totally worth it.


The sunset was unbelievable. Words cannot describe and cameras cannot capture the beauty.


Not for lack of trying that is...



Darn spider got in my shot! Hehe, pretty nifty huh? The sunset was so amazing, I just had to stay until it set again on Sunday.


It's amazing how in less than 2 days and with a language barrier, we all became one big happy family. Stef's family all spoke only Czech, which made things interesting. It was a perfect weekend (minus the fact that the boy couldn't join me) and I loved the whole thing. I kayaked, fell asleep on the beach, read magazines, took a thousand photos, had in depth conversations with new people, and attempted to speak Czech from the language book. I was so sad to leave...


But my stomach had had enough. Too. Much. Cake.


That's enough photos to make up for my lack of posting over the weekend right?

Love and all that, _R

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mystery Solved


What causes neat shadows is almost always never as cool.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



I noticed this shadow in the garage sometime last week, and I giggle every time I see it. What does it remind you of?


For some reason, it reminds me of...

Did you know there is a Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out!? Thrilling.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Roxy


You've seen countless photos of my 2 little ones, Roxy the wonderdog and Crackers-the-Cat. Many of you have even met and love them. This post is about Roxy. She's my 3 year old black lab who hates having her photo taken.

She is the first dog I've ever had, and was randomly added to the Holt household. I was going through a difficult time back then, and my father would drag me to the park under pretenses of needing some vitamin D. We would take really long walks and talk about all the people with dogs and all the dogs with people. We discussed how we are not 'dog people.' Then we discussed what kind of dog we would have if we were in fact 'dog people.'

Then my Dad offered (kind of) to buy me a dog. I think it was his last ditch effort to get me out of the funk I was in, but it worked. He looked through the paper for puppies. He bought a puppy book (which I'm not sure we ever opened, nor do I know where it is now although I do believe it was 'Puppies for Dummies.')

And one day, my mom, sister-in-law Breena, and I were at El Camino and he called. An ad for a puppy in Swanton looked promising and a phone call later, we had set up a meet n greet time for that night. Dad decided to stay home so it was "just" Mom, Breena, Andy and I who went to meet our future dog.

We walked in the door, I squatted down to pet her, she dived right into me and knocked me over. We gave the family twice what they asked for her, and left that night with my dear Roxy.

Having had no supplies whatsoever, and no idea what to do with a dog other than try to figure out a new name, we had to stop at Pet Supplies Plus. Pretty sure it was 8:50, and the store probably closed at 9. Roxy didn't start out as Roxy. She started out as Angel. I remember specifically my mom telling us to never call her that again because it was a horrible name. No offense to dogs named Angel.

Breena and I struggled with our new family addition throughout the pet store who was on a sensory overload, and bumped into a small family. The dad bent down and said to his kids, "Look! She looks just like 'so and so's' dog Roxy!" Breena and I looked at each other, and knew right then that Roxy was the perfect name.

We got home that night with a rambunctious puppy newly named Roxy much to Crackers-the-Cat's dismay. Andy and Dad worked to get the new cage together (it was wrong too) and we all just kind of stared at her.

It was a rough summer for my family. This new adorable little creature wreaked havoc at our house while I was away at school. A couple times, I thought we'd have to find a new home for her but slowly but surely she won over my mom and dad.

She ate my cell phone. A sneaker. A high heel strap. My season 2 House DVD case. A plunger. All within 2 days of moving into my new house in BG that fall. But she was so stinkin cute!

She has eaten everything I've ever offered her, except for pickles. She loves beer and if you are not watching, she will drink it right out of your cup (in your hands!) She prances around when I put a new bandanna on her, because she knows she's pretty.

She's my first dog and I can't imagine ever loving another dog like I love her.

Roxy has to have surgery one week from tomorrow. I gotta say, I'm not all that relaxed about it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Save the date's & 4th of July


Here's a little sneak peak at our Save the Date project we worked on this weekend. It's very fun and creative and we can't wait to unveil the final product! Unfortunately, it will probably have to wait until September. Boo.

I hope you all had an excellent 4th of July! Fireworks just put a huge smile on my face last night. Especially since I hadn't anticipated getting to see them. What exciting things did you do this weekend?