Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you've been around my blog since July-ish you will probably remember this photo:


And the promise that came with it - sharing of the details of the Save the Date project... Well the time has come. Some of you may have received the postcard in the mail so this is old news. I still want to show it off though!


There it is! Front and back. :) It's printed on 'pearl' paper so it has a glittery, glossiness to it.


But our all time favorite part of the whole project was the video (which not everyone has seen!)

Oh I love it. I still watch it! We've had good feedback so far from both parts of the Save the Dates. They were so much fun to make & send out. The whole process took us a couple hours on the 4th of July. The video took maybe another hour. We got the postcards printed through Blossom Publishing and made our own address labels with our inkjet printer. Altogether, not too much work!

P.S. While I was attempting to photograph the postcards, I was interrupted:


hehe :)

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