Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning every day


Concert photography is totally different from other forms of photography. I've experimented with all sorts of lenses, settings, flash or no flash, exposures, etc. Last week, on the day of the great Verizon FAILure, my boys played a show at a local bar, Frankies. The lighting was interesting, and while I was shooting it, I thought everything blue, red, and green was going to be crap but...


I'm enjoying this photo of Blue Brady.


And this one of the rainbow guys.



However, the easiest, most crisp light was right after the blue, when it was ALMOST normal coloring. I had to time it just right for these images but I think they are pretty neat. Again, it's just all about learning more and more with each shoot. Can't complain though, great music and a chance to get some new photo experiences - plus being the groupie that I am, I got in free. :)

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