Monday, April 12, 2010

Miss me?

You've probably heard, "Planning a wedding is stressful!" You may have even heard me say it. That's what I've been doing these past few months.


Wait. No it's not. Ha! The stressful part is that I haven't been planning it! I daydream, gather ideas, and procrastinate. That's why I'm stressed! Sigh... Well last night and today I have finally started putting pen to paper and product to shopping cart. I've crossed at least 4 things off of my to-do list and am THIS close to finishing the invitations! Whew! One of tonight's projects was narrowing down the centerpiece idea. In doing so, I was playing around with this lovely IKEA vase and michael's fake gerberas.


I love it. However, the vases are $10 a piece and needing 35 of them? Well, that idea is out. While I was photographing this lovely failed idea, this little guy decided he wanted some of the action...


Meet Chester, my first long haired cat ever. Chester is the bane of my existence. He is the reason nothing stays on coffee tables or desks. He should have been named Dennis because he is a MENACE! He leaves his fuzzy static-y gray hairs all over the place. As soon as company comes over, he uses the litter box (number 2!!) He constantly bothers his big brother, Crackers. He thinks he can beat up Roxy, the dog. He eats until he pukes, then goes back for more. He sits right in front of the computer screen whenever I sit down at my desk. He is the most rambunctious, annoying, frustratingly ...adorable creature I know.

And tonight, he decided to attack my failed centerpiece idea...


got hit in the head with fake flowers, then decided to take a more reasonable stance about ten feet away.

(and of course, less than three minutes later, he knocked it over again. Sigh...)

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