Friday, July 31, 2009


1. We did organize, clean, and re-arrange my room. It's now a joy to spend time in here (instead of a stress!)

2. We had a wonderful dinner with Mom on her birthday. It was an excellent evening. We made spitfire shrimp with whole wheat fettucine noodles.

3. I did not make it to the gym 4 times. I'm ashamed. Next week, I swearrrr!

4. I didn't make too many lists. Phew.

5. What else was I supposed to do?

6. Oh yea, passport.. Didn't happen.

7. Also did not blog. Sigh. What is wrong with me?

Our studio manager at work, Lauren, had her baby on Thursday and everything just happened so fast! She had a beautiful baby girl and we are so excited to see more photos and get a visit sometime :)

So these next few weeks are going to be really crazy for me. Bear with me.

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April said...

I realized I can visit your site while I'm at work. You're pics are awesome on here, and it's great to read your thoughts and stuff. See you tonight!