Monday, July 13, 2009

My dear friend Carley got married


So I spent the majority of Saturday and ALL of Sunday at this 1.5 million dollar home on the waterfront of Lake Michigan.


Carley and Stefan decided to wed in this lakefront home full of their family and closest friends, lots and lots of food, plenty of beer to go around, and the best cake I've ever tasted.


Ahh seriously, look at his face. Could he be any more in love? Sickeningly sweet, and I can't wait to see what Eric's face looks like during our ceremony! Scared? Ha. I hope not!! I would be silly not to mention the stairs...

Oh the stairs.


Halfway down the stairs, looking back up at about 120 steps? Killer, steep, pulse pounding, exercise inducing steps.


And looking down from the halfway point, another 120ish steps. But totally worth it.


The sunset was unbelievable. Words cannot describe and cameras cannot capture the beauty.


Not for lack of trying that is...



Darn spider got in my shot! Hehe, pretty nifty huh? The sunset was so amazing, I just had to stay until it set again on Sunday.


It's amazing how in less than 2 days and with a language barrier, we all became one big happy family. Stef's family all spoke only Czech, which made things interesting. It was a perfect weekend (minus the fact that the boy couldn't join me) and I loved the whole thing. I kayaked, fell asleep on the beach, read magazines, took a thousand photos, had in depth conversations with new people, and attempted to speak Czech from the language book. I was so sad to leave...


But my stomach had had enough. Too. Much. Cake.


That's enough photos to make up for my lack of posting over the weekend right?

Love and all that, _R


Lisa Joy said...

Love. It.

Especially the belly picture. Ha!

Can you send me that picture of me and Eric somehow? It's so great!

Eric said...

haha i love the one of you and her smiling at the camera. You're like "see Eric" she really does exist.....haha

Donald said...

You've captured the mood & vibe quite well: excellent work on an inspiring day!

Brady said...

Rachel, these are some awesome shots!