Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Boy's Band



I just have to shamelessly brag on my fiance and his band... They just got signed! This is a very exciting time for them, and they oh so graciously agreed to let me photograph them (and even use my photos on their new myspace and possibly the new album!!)

The shoot was slightly stressful but one of the most successful shoots (in my opinion.) So anyhow, congratulations to Southbound Fearing on signing with Red Cord Records! :)

I've been shooting a lot lately. Mostly small projects for friends and such, but it's been educational to say the least. For some reason, I get super nervous right before every shoot. So nervous that I start thinking of reasons to cancel! This feeling doesn't really shake until about fifteen minutes into the shoot. I even start thinking about how much I DON'T want to be a photographer. Where is this nervousness coming from?? And how do I CHILL out!?

After I relax and get into the flow of the shoot, I realize that I love what I've been doing lately, and I really hope I continue to shoot every weekend (at least!) We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

Rachel! You have no reason to get nervous about it! You have an awesome gift. I was at kroger tonight and there was a photography company trying to sell business, they are doing family portraits in kroger soon, anyway......i turned him down and said 'my friend is a photographer.' So, if we ever need pics taken, you are our first choice! : ) Hope that's some kind of confirmation for you, or an encouragement!

-april R.
(It wouldn't let me do anything but anonymous) haha