Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Welker Family

Sue and I work together every Friday at the Y front desk. The first thing I ever heard about Sue was "Oh you work with Sue? She has 5 kids." I remember thinking, "Wow.. that's all I'm going to hear about. What in the world will we have in common!?"

I was wrong. We've become great friends! And her kids are seriously some of the cutest. She has Chase, followed by Kirsten, followed by twins Maya and Alana, and finally Corbin. Oh and her hubby Chad.



Chase was such a good sport! He was horribly ill but managed to bear with us during the shoot.





I love this last one - Corbin is looking back at me. What a cutie!!

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rachelspiegel said...

Great post, but where's a current one...? :)