Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

They said we were crazy. They said we'd wait in the longest lines for the entire day and only get to a few rides. Well...

they were wrong. Today, 6 of us embarked upon a trip to CP on Memorial Day Weekend with nothing but high hopes and suntan lotion. Surprisingly enough, we did not encounter the wall to wall people we were warned about.

So here's what we accomplished:

First, the Millenium Force

Followed by the Maverick. Best one!

Then we bypassed the old swings ride to visit the SkyHawk.

Took a trip down memory lane and raced each other on the Gemini.

Celebrated Magnum's 20th birthday with a bumpy but excellent ride.

Waited in anticipation for the Top Thrill Dragster, then rode with glee. "Totally worth it!"

After a visit to the car for our packed lunches (thanks to Liz), we headed to the Wicked Twister.

Then had a blast on MaxAir. So amazing.

Liz's least favorite, the Power Tower. My stomach flew up into my throat. Seriously.

A little break on the Iron Dragon. Felt the breeze in our hair.

Rode the Mantis even though the last time I did I promised myself I never would again.

And this time I really mean it, no more Mantis!

Finished off with the Raptor then some delicious Frozen Custard.

A most excellent day.

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