Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoo'in It

The Toledo Zoo has this slogan that is something along the lines of 'Zoo'in It' and everytime anyone goes to the zoo and posts photos on fabo or the likes, the title is inevitably that. Then it gets stuck in my head for some time which reminds me of an assignment in one of my first photography classes. Our teacher took our class to the zoo (it was a very laid back summer course) and told us to just shoot what was interesting.

I just reviewed these photos and... boy... most of them are complete garbage. The one at the top here I quite enjoy however. The polar bears are so entertaining and, well, adorable. I knew nothing about color back then so I just had to sneak it into PS to make a few adjustments before posting - you know, just to keep my street cred'.

I don't remember too many of the fine details of the day, but I do remember my first attempt at photographing complete strangers. I remember being terrified that this little girl's dad was going to stomp over and demand the destroyal of my camera. So I took it very fast, then quickly made my exit to another area. It's a shame too, because with a few more moments to study the correct framing, I probably could have made it an interesting shot.

As I was scrolling through the blurry, lousy focused, poorly exposed photos, I couldn't help but wonder what this little girl looks like today. It's been almost exactly 4 years since I shot these so she must be 12? 13? I'm horrible at guessing ages but regardless...

Would the polar bears still make her stand completely still in wonder and curiosity?

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