Monday, May 11, 2009

Up up and away

There is something entirely fascinating about balloons in photographs. More and more I've been seeing photographers using them for engagement sessions or even wedding photographs and the results are stunning (if executed well!) I'd love to try out a few things with balloons in the future, so I am asking around for couples who would like 'engagement' style photos together. A lot of my couple-d friends are married, so I may harass them for fake engagement photos. :)

I'm off to Columbus tomorrow night for a Photoshop conference on Wednesday. It's the Creativity Tour so maybe on Thursday I'll post something all creati-fied. Until then...

x's and o's


Mandy said...

Hi Rachel! Alex and I would love to help you in your project! Let me double check with him and I will let you know :)

Jean said...

I love your creativity!