Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chipped Ivories


I used to play the piano. I was pretty good too, but as soon as I graduated high school and entered college, it became a lot harder to keep up with it. It has always bothered me a little bit that I stopped playing, especially lately. Sometimes I just feel like I have no talents - and piano was definitely a talent for me. Today I sat down to my favorite piano in the world. Not a grand piano, or even a baby grand. This is an antique upright that has been in our family for years (as far as I know). The keys are chipped, cracked, and graying. But to me, it's real. I have played a little on newer pianos and the keys just feel so fake, so plastic. I'll take chips and cracks over that any day. Supposedly the piano officially belongs to my uncle, but I'm really hoping he's forgotten that so I can someday own my favorite piano in the world.

Who knows, maybe I'll really get started up again and be even better. Here's to trying!

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