Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ramshackle is a good word.


I've definitely done a lot of driving in the nearly 8 years I have had my license. My mazda3 (affectionately dubbed Sammy C3) alone has put in over 70 thousand miles (and that's my 3rd car!) My freshman year of college saw a whole lot of I-75 from Toledo to Lexington. My last few years of college saw way too much of I-75 from BG to Toledo to BG to Toledo (and on and on). This summer I was 10 hours away, in Charlotte.

So I've seen Ohio. I've seen Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, the list goes on. In all of this driving, there is only one thing that trumps beautiful sunsets for me.

Barns. I love dilapidated, roof caved in, shattered windows, rusty, broken down barns. Something so awesome (can I say awesome without being laughed at?) happens when the lines and symmetry of old barns collapse into a heap of crisscrossed disarray. I used to wonder why the owners left the barns in such condition - but I wonder if maybe they see them the same way I do.

It's still cold in Toledo. C'mon MARCH!!

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