Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Green... and purple... and orange...


On the corner of my desk I have this little dog. Surprisingly enough, I have not named him yet (but he's obviously a HE). His purpose is to keep my desk free of the change that, without fail, appears out of nowhere. Okay, it might possibly come from pockets and purses, but it seems to appear out of nowhere. Today he gently reminded me that I need to seriously consider what I spend my money on. The number one waste of money in my life is undoubtedly eating out. I'm not even talking mouth watering, stomach filling, waist line expanding, deliciousness that comes from restaurants. I'm just talking about that quick stop by Subway, or that salad from Kroger. It adds up, and I'm sick of it. Ahh, another thing to work on in my life.

So I guess that's what Chaz taught me today. Yep, I named him Chaz. Chaz the Change Hound. Whaddya think?

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