Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Acoustic guitar



I tried to learn how to play the guitar once. In my opinion, I tried very hard. I failed entirely due to my irregular fingers. You see, they would bend in weird ways that I did not ask them - creating a foul sounding 'chord' that just did not do. So I stopped trying.

A couple years later, I meet this guy who's simply spectacular on the acoustic guitar and once again I have guitar envy. I can play the piano, sure. But I don't have the luxury of toting a piano around and stumbling onto the oh so perfect, yet relaxed and unplanned opportunity to showcase my musical abilities. Instead, I get to stand beside my husband-to-be and watch him pick up a guitar that just so happened to be within arms reach while we are huddled around a campfire and in need of some harmonious sound.

This is not fair.

It's my fingers. They bend funny. I'm serious.

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Edgar said...

Interesting post.!! I bought my first acoustic guitar from Musician's Friend last year. I too found some difficulties to learn. I hope you be a good guitar player. Good luck..!