Thursday, June 25, 2009



I spent all of last week at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. My week consisted of laying on my brightly colored beach towel on the scalding sand, wading into the ocean for a few moments before being freaked out by the unseen (and repeat), playing Mexican Train with my brother and sister-in-law and the boy, spending quality time with the fam, eating delicious home cooked meals, and RELAXING.


I took these photos on our last night at the beach. Every year, I usually make it down to the pier. I pay the obligatory pier fee ($1 a person this year!!) and walk down to the end, scare the crap out of myself, and walk back to the beach.

All of a sudden this year, it was Friday, and I hadn't been to the pier yet. I convinced the boy to walk with me while I tried to capture the sunset. Not much of a sunset, but some pretty cool wave-action and reflections in the wet sand.

I mourn for last week. I miss it. My heart hurts sometimes with the weight of vacation being over.

How dramatic can I be!?

So yesterday I woke with no plans whatsoever. Turns out my Wednesday shifts at the Y were passed on to another lucky front desk-er (my choice) and I hadn't picked up Wednesdays at my other job. Yawning, stretching, and dreading sitting in my room looking at the non-unpacked mess, I tinkered around on the web. I checked out my favorite blogs (see bottom right) and scoped out my friends who still use AIM.

Carley was on. She's invited me to visit her numerous times and I've never gone. I gave it a shot.

9:19:34 AM Rachel: so what r u up to today
9:19:42 AM carley: chilling out.
9:19:50 AM carley: maybe running to st joseph topick up the marriage license.
9:19:58 AM Rachel: r u not working?
9:20:59 AM carley: its summer break,
9:21:09 AM carley: so i dont have any teaching... and my freelance is waiting on clients today
9:21:14 AM Rachel: ohhhh ... would u like a visitor today?
9:21:27 AM Rachel: im off work and i have NOTHING to do and i'm trying to find something funnnnnn
9:22:49 AM carley: REALLY!
9:22:51 AM Rachel: if not no biggie
9:22:52 AM carley: yes!!!
9:22:56 AM Rachel: haha how far away are you?
9:23:04 AM carley: toldo? 2 hours EVEN
9:23:21 AM Rachel: cool! what should we do
9:23:23 AM carley: i could take you to the beach, get the marriage license, and maybe bike? we cna use our bikes... you game?
9:23:30 AM Rachel: i'm DOWN
9:23:34 AM carley: SWEET!!!
9:23:38 AM carley: you leavin now??


She took me to a beach where I couldn't tell the sky from the water. She told me to leave my purse at home which meant not only did she have to buy me water & starbucks, but I also forgot to grab my camera which resulted in this lousy camera-phone photo. She told me to leave my shoes in the car which resulted in serious burns to the bottoms of both of our feet. She took me for an 11 mile bike ride that hurt my butt and shoulders but was AMAZING. She, her soon to be hubby, and I went to eat delicious Mexican and to view the Touchdown Jesus. She convinced me to shoot her wedding in 2 weeks. AAAAAnnnndddd it was all very fun.

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