Monday, April 20, 2009

Relief at the end of the day

Work was pretty rough today. It's so unfortunate, because I went in with a smile on my face and a "spring in my step" so to speak. I remember thinking it was surprising that I could feel this way on a Monday morning!

Well, I hate to inform that it did not last. I won't go into specifics but it was just a trying day. I did come out of it having learned that I need to have a little more respect.

Mondays are nice because I usually get to eat dinner with my family after a long TurboKick class at the gym - so I knew the day could go up from there. And it did - Eric had the meal prepared for my Dad and I by the time I got home from the gym and it was delightful. Mom, who is in Hawaii for a couple weeks, called to chat a bit, and it's so nice to hear her voice!

And to top it off, when I came up to my room I found these "crazy daisies" on my TV.

Seriously, I love that boy. I hope he doesn't get offended if I tell the world that he's not great at anniversaries or birthdays (he's like my Dad in that he finds cards & flowers a waste of money) but he sure knows how to surprise me.

I've decided it's even better than receiving flowers on an anniversary or whatnot. I really needed a reason to smile today and Eric knew how to do just that.

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