Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taking Back Toledo... kinda

The boy and I went downtown tonight to check out a new pizza place next to the Mudhens Stadium with our friends Liz and Marc. Afterwards, we crossed the bridge to International Park to walk along the river and see the sun setting over the skyline.


No matter how much I want to live in a bustling, thriving (warmer!) city, I will always want Toledo to succeed. No matter how much I complain about this city, I still find myself strangely proud of Toledo. Sure, we are struggling just as much, if not more, as other similar sized cities - but it seems like there is hope. This fall, we will see the new hockey arena open with another wave of new businesses opening around it. It will be interesting to see downtown Toledo continue to grow and become an exciting place to be.

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Rachel said...

way to find the silver lining along the dirty maumee... :)