Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of my favorite things to photograph...

My dog, Roxy. She always has the best looks on her face - and she loves me unconditionally.

My cat, Crackers. He's not super thrilled that I am his owner at times, but he will snuggle up to me if Rox isn't around. And I love his angry/annoyed 'expressions.'

Sunsets. My friends Nate & Cort get to look our their window at trees and sunset for awhile longer before the leaves overtake it.

The boy. Eric. Since he's started loving me, he's gone from relatively camera shy (anyone remember the closed smiles pictures of our early days?) to an always willing subject (and a natural!)

Just a smattering of the photographs I take over and over and never cease to find joy from. And I don't even care if other people grow tired of them, because I won't. That's what matters in this case isn't it?

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