Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a warm fuzzy feeling

Did you feel it? Can you smell it in the air? It's summertime, around the corner.

What happened to spring? Toledo is in this teeter totter of high 40s then 80s and once again, we get our "transition season" stolen from us.

I'm not complaining. I'm just baffled! Everywhere you look, these brave flowers are peeking out of the brown grass. I love how they usually are found all bunched together - as if they need to huddle together as they wait out the cold. We've even had a flowering tree flower and lose the petals already. It's pretty exciting to think of all the trees and blooms we will see in the coming weeks, or even days. I've posted earlier about how spring never ceases to amaze me. Every year it's as though I hold my breath till I see those little tiny green leaves start to appear. I hope I never lose that.

This will be the first spring that I will not be in school since I was 5. So naturally, when the boy informed me of his upcoming finals I was a bit surprised. Finals were always the cue that summer was fast approaching and this year I don't have that to go by. My natural clock is confused.

May is next week? Are you kidding me?!

On Monday, when I posted the weather report and it's gotten even better since then. 80s on Friday and Saturday. I expect to see even more brave blooms peek their heads out this weekend.

Can't wait.

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I agree, we are somehow fastFWDed to summer...Hope the world isn't coming to an end soon??? Well Happy summer 2U* dear! ~XO