Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still in a state of shock...

So I'm definitely still shocked. Totally unsure if it has completely soaked in yet. And completely surprised that the stress levels would immediately rise rather than lie dormant for a few more months before rearing its ugly head. I'm completely overwhelmed by the number of people who have congratulated me and been over the top excited. What a crazy week for me! My facebook has been blowing up - first with my birthday, and now with this million-times more exciting "relationship status change."

I took the obligatory "hand with ring" photo today but I don't have the brain power to load it and post it. I apologize - I'll put it up soon, I think. Still not a big fan of my hands - ha.

Here's what I hope-

That I don't become a "bride-zilla"
That I don't stress myself and others out over nothing (def. bridezilla)
That Eric loves me more in a year than he does right now.
That I can make my family proud.
That I can prove myself at work and save like a penny pincher!

The list could seriously go on and on. I'm totally psyched. Totally nervous. And yea, probably totally still numb. Tomorrow I approach the last of my potential girl-side wedding party peeps and I really hope she agrees to be such a huge part in this day.

Oh, and I hope this blog doesn't become the "wedding-planning-stressed-out-in-love- ALL WEDDING" blog.

It won't. I promise.

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