Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundays are the best

Not until after I had been wandering from one site to the next, feeling inspired by all the beautiful talent out there, did I realize that I should be documenting my finds to share with you. So I backtracked a bit and found some of the highlights:

How stinkin cute is that card? From Etsy seller modernemotive these adorable cards are available (customized of course) for $5.50 each with envelope. I'm wondering how cute they would be as Rachel loves Eric...

Moving on:

Another blog added to my "Reads" list! I love love love this one called 100 Layer Cake. It's filled with photos, links, and INSPIRATION! Gotta love it. And even better, they provided me with even more web strolling with their "Blogs-we-love" page. Seriously, I will be here for hours. Thank goodness for Sundays!

And then...

Sometimes I'm caught totally overwhelmed with great photography. These photographers over at Our Labor of Love completely take my breath away. It's a tough feeling because I respect their work and love to see truly beautiful photography, but at the same time feel horribly inadequate. Practice practice! Maybe someday I'll be a rockstar photographer, but until then I will have to look at the eye candy at blogs like these.

And finally...

I am a woman in love with.... letterpress printing. I knew I was stumbling onto something fabulous when I came across some work done by Hammerpress via a blog I can't find at the moment.

And then, coming across Studio on Fire via blog Green Wedding Shoes I just knew I have found another love.

These two are examples from a letterpress company in Salem, OH called the Cranky Pressman. Check out his flickr page for the rest of the work. It's absolutely fabulous.

Wouldn't it be just perfect if we could do letterpress wedding invitations? I will have to speak with the boy about this. ASAP.

I have photos from the weekend of sun and warmth, but I think I'll do that tomorrow since I've overloaded you with all my web-strolling finds. Please take some time to check out some of those links! Well worth your [free] time :)

With all of this creative overload, I have neglected my stomach. It's just far too cold and way too much effort to head out for some grub. Pretty sure my options are limited to a PB&J for dinner. How sad. Back tomorrow,

until then...

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rachelspiegel said...

you ARE an amazing photographer! i hope you can take some fun photos of josh and i soon... i am very excited for how unique and wonderful your wedding and its memories will be