Sunday, April 19, 2009


Blog-perusing is one of the best ways to find cool new things. Today's "Cool New [to me] Thing" is Wordle. All you do is either copy and paste a bunch of words into the box or link to a page on the web. I linked to my blog - can you tell?

A few things:
1. Why does Deadliest Catch have to make such a big appearance? Oh, only because it's a SWEET show!
2. Seriously, why does Like appear so big? It's not like I say it, like, too much. I think I have like a pretty good handle on not saying it, like, too much.
3. I am pleased to see that the boy's name made it into my wordle.

What a cool site! Go waste some time there :) That's it for today's "Cool New [to me] Thing."

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