Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring!! Like Tigger!

Optical Illusion? Is it really a rectangle?

So today was a very beautiful, slightly warm, extremely sunny day. And I had to work through almost the whole thing! Towards the end of the day, Lauren and I opened up a window in the office. These lady bugs are everywhere!

I so wish the screen hadn't been there, but I couldn't resist posting this photo. I think I have a thing for shadows!

Springtime just makes me so happy to be alive! Logically, we all know that spring will come eventually but I think our emotional side still gets a slight shock when we start to see blooms, the sun coming back and the clouds scarce - when the weather isn't like taking a punch to the gut every time you step out the door. What is it about spring that eternally surprises us?

I love the contrast between winter and spring. Sure the big contrast is winter and summer - but spring is the interesting one to me. It's all about life coming from seemingly dead-ness (word?). I think I wouldn't trade those little moments where nature catches us off our balance for anything. Isn't it so awesome that it doesn't become inane?

Sit back, enjoy the slow growth and bloom of all that is around us. Start smiling as you walk into work, because we all know this is the time where people start looking up from the stare-at-the-ground-as-we-walk shield from the cold. And find something in yourself that could use some new life and cultivate it!

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