Monday, February 2, 2009

Anatomy of a messy organized desk


As I was sitting at my desk this morning, I realized that I have a lot of random stuff on it and no matter how often I clean it all off, it jumps back up onto it right away. So here we go, a left to right equation of my desk so I can feel a little better about it. And I'll number it.. just for giggles.

1. My iMac. A purchase from my Mom when she decided that switching from a PC was not going to work. (Score for me!)
2. Sierra Mist. The first non-diet Sprite-like-beverage I've had in a long time.
3. Phillips speaker. A Christmas present from the boy. Now I can rock out at my desk.
4. Little Pink Book. My new planner! Finally received it in the mail today and I'm absolutely thrilled. Now I can keep track of myself.
5. Mighty Mouse. I found a thrilling, step-by-step instruction from Apple on how to clean your mighty mouse. Let's just say it includes the phrase "Vigorously rub." Be sure to check out the video tutorial as well.
6. Pens/Pencils/Markers
7. Broken iPod & a dock for my sweet [free gift from Pa] shuffle. Also, gift cards to Timmy Ho's and Barry Bagels, and the little blue dog who constantly looks happy.
8. Nail Polish. Looks awesome on me.
9. Tablet. The only way I can work in Photoshop now.
10. Camera. Sweet.
11. Receipts that haven't been filed.
12. Thermometer & Thermometer covers. Eric is sick. 101 fever!
13. Blue notebook. For notes.
14. Purse.
15. Chaz the Change Hound.
16. Sock. To hold G9, post losing camera case.
17. Purple Sigg water bottle. [Not pictured]
[right to left]
18. Adium conversation with Liz
19. Cds. For burning.
20. Other Philips Speaker. This time I spelled Philips correctly.
21. Time Machine MyBook.
22. Old MyBook. For backing up.
23. Old Camera. For memories.

So that's not too bad right? I dare you to tell me one thing that is not necessary to my desk's existence. I dare you.

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