Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Game Board, the dreaded Flu, & a new lens.

My Mom and my boyfriend have both been really sick lately. They contracted some sort of flu virus on Sunday and both were in terrible condition yesterday. I did my best to take care of Eric... all the while being pretty proud of myself for my awesome immune system. I haven't been sick at all so far this year, not even the sniffles! So I was feeling pretty good...

Until 4 AM. I woke up in a sweat, with my lower back and stomach contracting into a knot. It wasn't long before I was hugging the toilet and I have been miserable all day. So much for my awesome immune system!

Around 2 o'clock this afternoon, there was a knock on the sliding glass door out back. As I was the only one downstairs, I had to jump up (bad idea) to check it out. Great news! It was my new lens!!! I was thrilled, however still too sick to play around with it. So in the coming days, expect quite a few photos with my new lens!

You are probably wondering what the above picture is all about. Well, all day I've been watching tv, and finally Alton Brown's Good Eats came on! I love this show, even though I know many people can't stand it. A couple years ago, for a creativity-based class, we had to create a product. My product was a Good Eats board game. I actually took it all the way to production and officially 1 copy of the Good Eats board game exists. Fabulous!

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