Friday, February 27, 2009

Made it!

I was a happy girl when my package came in the mail yesterday! Woohoo to finally getting a camera! It didn't happen the way I thought it all would go down, but I am very thankful and very excited to be able to say I officially own a new camera.. WOot!

It should be a relatively busy weekend. I have laundry to do tomorrow and I really should get around to a redesign of this blog & some code writing for my site. I feel the weight of these projects looming over me, and it has started to stress me out. Getting out and about to test out the new cam is a priority as well. I'm so thrilled!

Anybody have any projects that take the backburner but still weigh heavily on ya? It's rough isn't it?!

focus focus focus focus! Here's to a productive weekend, all!


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