Monday, February 16, 2009


This is a really old photo. I took it while on a shooting assignment in a photography class one summer and it was a complete mixed up exposure accident. The thing is, I have always really loved this picture. It's one of those images that just doesn't work for most people, maybe because they can see right through my facade of "This is what I intended to shoot." But I don't care. I still enjoy it. It still makes me smile. I still remember thinking, "Oops.. that was... cool!" And I think that is what draws me to it the most - the fact that I can remember exactly where I was standing and what I was thinking before, during, and after the camera clicked. Having taken thousands of photographs in the last decade, I have only a handful that I can describe like this one.

Do you have any photos that you love, even if nobody else seems to "get it"?

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