Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Were We Thinking!?

A dinner party can be turned into a paper-marker-scissors, camera-tripod-thought bubble extravaganza in these 5 easy steps:

1. Obtain colorful (or non colorful, as that would work too) paper, sharp (or semi-sharp) scissors, and black magic (or the non-magic) markers.

2. Set up camera on stationary object (or tripod, if you will).

3. Color, cut, and tape thought bubbles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

4. Instruct dinner party guests to pose in various ways with funny (or serious) expressions.

5. Click away.
Party on, party people. Party on!

Also, Valentine's Day dinner with these love birds was fabulous. So much food, so much laughter, and so many photos. What did you do this weekend?


I tend to consider myself "above" spot color, but a little shameless spot coloring never hurt anyone, right? And yes, those hearts were really taped to the wall.

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pulosis said...

Nifty... I'm so gonna try this. XD