Sunday, March 15, 2009

A beautiful day

I did not fall asleep at my desk last night, in case you were wondering. I did, however, wake up horribly sick.

.. ok, not horribly sick.. but fairly sick!

As often happens, the weather does not coincide with my health and Toledo decides to provide a blue, sunny sky with temperatures in the 50s. So, I grabbed my jacket and took my sniffly sneezy self outside with the boy and my pup.

Do you ever wonder what makes walks so exciting for dogs? Roxy was just incredibly thrilled to be tethered to a leash, and walked in whatever direction the humans decided to take her with no complaint. Her tail never stopped wagging and I swear she was smiling. Wouldn't it be nice to take such enormous pleasure in the small things in life?

So go take a walk! Put a huge smile on your face, wag your tail (err...) and enjoy it! No leash necessary.

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