Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday week(end)

My birthday is Sunday, and so far I've...

been surprised with the best birthday cake EVER from the girls at work! Edward <3 Rachel, oh YEAH! They surprised me at lunch time, I had NO IDEA they would do anything, much less a birthday cake with Rob Pattinson proclaiming his "heart" for me! haha!! And I...

got a bottle of the very $$$ Crown Royal from the boy so I can make my favorite drink, crown & diet coke, whenever I want! Well.. not whenever I want but within reason!

Tomorrow I head to Chicago for the weekend, so I'm not sure yet if I will be able to blog. I am planning on taking my laptop so it's definitely a possibility. If not, rest assured I will make a birthday post and show you what I was up to all weekend!

Have a great weekend!!

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Vina Puspita said...

hihii,,,so sweet! :)
Happy birthday, dear!! Have a wonderful year! ;)