Saturday, March 14, 2009


I totally took this photo last night and meant for it to be posted last night but I got back after midnight and was exhausted. Forgive me? From here on I will pretend as though I just got back from my evening with friends.

I'm starting to feel the St Patty's Day atmosphere around town. I think St Patty's is one of those 'holidays' that gets people to start thinking about spring. In NW Ohio we have had warm March 17ths before as well as clear blue skies. Here's hopin for one of those this year!

Tonight I went to The Claddaugh which is this area's best efforts for an Irish Pub. The place is beautifully designed, especially the tall ceilings. It was nice to go out with some friends after such a long week. A long, difficult, and trying week...

Tomorrow (ahem, today) is another busy day but hopefully it will be full of opportunities for great photos. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday..

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