Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday was the Officially Unofficial Pippi Longstocking day. How'd that go for you? This morning I was thinking about P.L. again as I glanced at the blog and couldn't help but wonder what the actress who played P.L. looked like now. So, with the help of IMDB and google image search, I can show you what Tami Erin looks like:

She's fabulous!! That "freckled-face red haired girl" grew up looking absolutely gorgeous! Of course, this got me thinking about my own sort of transformation that is growing up. Mine isn't as spectacular but here goes:

That's me on the right. Awkward brace face 7th grader right there right? So, in the month that I turn 24 (let's see, that would be about 11 years later right?) here I am...

I'm not sure I look all that different... I think I'll probably look like I'm 16 for a couple more years. It's kind of funny to me though that I worked so hard throughout high school to get rid of my bangs, and here I am years later back with bangs again.

What do your transformations look like? Would your 13 year old self recognize you today?


Eric said...

I think you turned out just right.


pulosis said...

Yeah... what he said.