Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photoshop Disaster, but easy on the eyes

Sometimes when I get to work, it takes me a few minutes to really get focused and working. Today was no exception. Lauren and Lauren and I were discussing Twilight (guilty pleasure) and I happened to mention that the actor who plays James in the movie is quite nice on the eyes. I pulled up IMDB to prove my point, happened to find a particularly nice picture and set it as my desktop background (on 'tile' of course. What's better than one Cam Gigandet? Many Cam Gigandets) This brought on many giggles, which led up to this point.

I'm really not a horrible photoshopper, but you see, I had to do this UBER fast because, c'mon, it was company time! So I posted it on Facebook as my profile picture and waited for Lauren squared to notice. We were in tears laughing so hard.

Yup, all day I had this little number on my page just for giggles. He's my new celebrity crush, and yea, I know - we do look good together!

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