Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laundry Day! and.. Pippi Longstocking

Ok, so today wasn't exactly Laundry Day, but I did throw my darks into the wash (which reminds me... ahh I'll get it later) and in doing so, was somehow inexplicably reminded of a movie that I used to watch when I was a lil one.

My mom used to say that I would watch the same movie over and over and over again for weeks straight. It would end, I'd rewind it (yes, remember rewinding? And it was always so slow because we weren't the family with that nifty rewind only machine) and start it again.

As you can probably presume from the subject of this post, or you took a sneak peak at the photo, the movie was Pippi Longstocking. Ahem, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. I'm not sure I ever saw the old, or original, adventures of P.L. (got tired of typing it) but I sure did enjoy the new ones.

What a great flick. Remember the sweet way she washed the floors in her house? I think maybe what reminded me of P.L. is that song she sang.. was it Cleaning Day? Regardless, it takes me back. If I had hardwood floors in my room I'd go out, buy some brushes, attach them to some old sneaks and dance around singin my lungs out with a bucket of Murphy's Oil Soap... Or maybe some dish soap so it would be sudsy.

I'm thinking that P.L. was originally a character in a book (maybe a series?) I can't remember! Darn you aging nearly 24 year old brain!

Anyway, tomorrow is Wednesday. Let's make it the officially unofficial (or vice verse if you prefer) Pippi Longstocking day. You don't have to dye your hair, or even wear it in braids spouting out from your ears - no, that would be foolish. Instead, spend your day singing songs about every day tasks and occasionally ask yourself, "What would Pippi do?"

Yes, I think that is what everyone should do on the officially unofficial Pippi Longstocking day which, incidentally, is tomorrow.

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