Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you smell it?

There is just something about a box of unused, brand new Crayola Crayons that makes me want to smile... and grab a piece of construction paper, scissors, and elmer's glue! I'm not a very good artist however, so I'd probably get bored fairly quickly. Instead, I will use what creative juices I do have to capture these color sticks (ha!)

I heard once that Crayola Crayons are one of the most recognizable smells in the world. Isn't that incredible? I mean, I'm sure Rose Art crayons can smell ok too, but they can't be as good as Crayola. :)

As I was pondering art supplies, I remembered back to elementary school when we all were required to have art boxes. Oh man, the worst thing ever was when you were walking back from art class and you dropped your art box. Crayons, pencils, erasers, scissors flew everywhere! And people would titter and laugh and sometimes help pick up the rogue art supplies. All the cool kids had Spacemaker art boxes.. Remember those?

Check out those floppy discs! Shows my age a little eh? Did you have a spacemaker, and do you have any memories of those dreaded art-box-drop-supplies-strewn-everywhere moments? Share! I want to hear! :)

1 comment:

Eric said...

haha i had the cheap of the cheap box from target....but i was a cool kid it!