Thursday, March 19, 2009

A lovely international dinner

My dad had some of his co-workers and his boss over for dinner tonight. It doesn't sound too exciting, but I was definitely excited for it. He had the same three guys for dinner in December and we were all very happy to have them back tonight. Lee, my dad's boss, is from Australia. Jose is from Monterrey (but lives in Oregon, if I remember correctly) and Shiv (not sure that I am spelling that right) is from India. Lee and Shiv both live in Singapore.

I had no idea where Singapore was located, but found out it is exactly 12 hours from here. So, it's 10:30 in the morning there now! So check it out, Singapore is at the very bottom of Malaysia, on the water.

That looks amazing! Our guests also started telling us about a fruit called durian. Apparently, it stinks so bad that it's practically unbearable but is considered a delicacy. When my dad was in Singapore, he tried it and only had a few words to say about that experience! I can't imagine trying to eat something that smelled horrible and had the texture of coagulated butterscotch pudding (!? Dad's description)...


We talked about religion for some time tonight. It was a thought provoking, emotion stirring, amazing conversation that I don't want to put into my scatter brained words just yet for fear of lessening the time. That's all that I feel like I am doing - writing a 7th grade diary entry - and I try to avoid that as much as I can. So I'm going to stop rambling, say that I had an excellent day and an even more excellent evening, and am on my way to bed to watch some TV and fall asleep.

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