Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love when I get to see the extended family. Many of us live in the same city and we can't seem to get together more than two or three times a year. It's really a shame because I would love to spend more time with them! Tonight was great - we had burgers and taco salad at my Aunt and Uncle's and with the exception of my brother and his family (sorely missed) and my grandparents, everyone was there. Well, ok also Eric didn't come. So really I shouldn't say everyone because 7 VIPs were not in attendance.

However, we even had a bonus family member come! Chloe belongs to my cousin and his wife. Adorable pup, truly.

I've been totally extroverted lately. I'm not sure where it's coming from exactly, but it feels sort of like part of the "old me." Last year was a rough year in that I struggled with my self image and who I felt I was becoming. Finally I feel confident and happy to have myself back! Cheers!

But really, that had a point. I was able to truly take part in conversations tonight - and not be so shy and unsure. I probably even talked too much! Ahh geez! Anyway, I hope to be able to get to know my own family members better in the coming months...

Great weekend. I'm pooped.


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