Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slow... and Old

I am a slacker. I apologize. Today was absolutely crazy-nuts-o, but I guess that is no excuse. I didn't even touch my camera today. Or look at it even. But I can't not post something tonight, so I dug up this oldie. Have I told you that I went to Alaska a few years back? I'm pretty sure I've probably mentioned it.

I think back to 2005 and can't believe how different I was then. That was a tough summer for me. I'm so happy to be the person I am today - although I could definitely change some of my habits - and I find myself so blessed. The trip to Alaska was the beginning of the end of an era in my life, even though it took many months afterward to finally come to a screeching and shattering halt (the era, not my life... obvi). I so stubbornly wanted life on my terms then, and never imagined myself in any situation other than what I wanted right at that time. I sometimes think about how I was so blessed to move on from that part of my life into another, happier, healthier time.

It's a lesson to remember, that's for sure. When things aren't going the way I want them to, I have to believe that it is possibly just preparation for what is to come. Blah, anyway..

alkdjfaboihawe I had to use my debit card tonight. adlkfjhaoeihgab fail.

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